We Incubate Innovation 


The Mount Royal University Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship's Innovation Lab incubates early stage ideas that have a potential to significantly impact Alberta economic growth. Through interdisciplinary partnerships, both inside and outside of academia, our innovators execute community-engaged research that advances knowledge, changes industry, develops remarkable talent and challenges our community to think bigger. 

At the heart of what we do is our belief that real innovation is rooted in collisions - collisions between disciplines; between academics and industry; and between our students and the world around them. Click here for profiles of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellows.

the INSTITUTE FOR INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP currently focuses on three areas of innovation research: 

Innovating Small Business: We deliver evidence-based insights and intelligence for small business through innovative industry-academic partnerships. To do this, we collaborate with experts in research and data analytics both inside and outside of academia with a single goal - to drive the growth of Alberta small business.

Innovating Sport Business: The mission of the Sport Marketing Analytics Research Team (SMART) is to advance sport business innovation by facilitating collaboration between industry and scholars. SMART's currency is not dollars and cents, it's data. Data that can be used to advance sport business. 

Incubating Talent Development: College and university are a huge investment and a critical time in life. Suddenly, students need to make some daunting, often intimidating, decisions. We are here to help. The Innovation Lab's Designing YOU program gives them control over those decisions and guides them through a process of designing the person that they want to launch into the world. Designing YOU include  complimentary  resources, including  our eBook collection and podcasts, will help students identify what they are good at, explore their interests and passions, investigate how they can make a living, define success and purpose, plan a roadmap, and tell their story. 

The Designing YOU initiative is supported by a rigorous academic research program designed to support students, educators and policymakers make evidence-based decisions to maximize the value of this investment through graduate competitiveness.

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